JCB Management Consultants exemplifies entrepreneurial, nimble project based management.  Janet Baker pulls together teams of established, high profile project experts from our network of strategic partners nationwide to provide the best at the most effective rates.

Janet C. Baker

Janet Baker is a seasoned utility player executive, adept in speedy assessment of organizational issues, with the skills and experience to transform strategy into results.


She is recognized as an expert in the nonprofit sector, workforce development​, community building, health and human services,  sustainability,  education from prenatal to higher ed, as well as business and corporate strategy. Janet enjoys positive working relationships with business and community leaders from neighborhoods to health and human services policy makers at the regional and national levels.


Janet is a successful grant writer, federal contract writer and adminstrator. She successfully designs and facilitates tenuous collaborations and group process, working at both systemic and grass roots levels on high priority community issues. She has extensive experience with business, nonprofit organizations, funders, health care coalitions, neighborhood associations, faith based organizations,  as well as elected officials from city to federal leaders to garner resources to meet local needs.

Offices in Kansas City, MO



T: 816-878-3362


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